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Creating Calm

Restorative Yoga + Guided Meditation
+ Sound Play 🌸

May Date TBA

A special 75-minute Restorative Yoga Practice with a special theme: Creating Calm within for the Spring. Along with a series of supportive and healing poses, you will be guided by breathing techniques, a special meditation & SoundPlay, Singing Bowls and more, that will help you to create space for the magic that is already inside.

Friday Power Pop-Up

Untamed Asanas: Power & Grace

May 24th

Join Meg on a special pop-up adventure. Step into a magical class where every pose is an adventure, and every breath brings you closer to your untamed spirit. Inspired by the enchanting world of "Where the Wild Things Are," this class blends strength with elegance, inviting you to discover the balance within.

Trauma-Senstive Yoga Training


August 2 - 4, 2024

All are welcome at this meaningful training. The Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) Foundational Training. This 20-hour foundational training, emphasizes the core components of the practice of trauma-sensitive yoga. All are welcome, but spaces are limited, learn more and sign up today.

Nia White Belt Training

The Nia White Belt, Art of Sensation, will take you to new frontiers in movement for your mind, body and soul. We are tweaking our  2024 offerings. Stay tuned! If you want to join us, email us and we will notify you first.

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