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Move2Joy Yoga & Nia Studio

106 Albion Street
Wakefield, MA 01880

Our hours vary depending on our class schedule. Email us to arrange a time to see the studio outside of our class schedule.

Studio opens at least 20 minutes before each class. Doors are locked during classes and sessions.

On-street parking on the streets of:
Albion Street, Richardson Ave, North Ave.

Note: Albion Street. can be busy near the studio. We suggest if you see a spot earlier while driving down Albion to take it. There is street parking on Richardson Ave (parallel to Albion) or North Avenue.

Plan some time to drive around if you need to.

Rosanne Russell yoga teacher sitting on yoga mat

Hello & Welcome!

Move2Joy Yoga & Nia Studio is the result of a life dream I had for many years — to create a community-centered studio where every Body would feel welcomed, supported and at home. A space to move, breathe, laugh, learn, connect with others and most of all, to simply feel better. And to discover and embrace what "makes you move" not just in the studio, but also in your own life.

Our studio is a beautiful space and one that I am very proud of. Renovated by my family and friends with me, I have personally touched every inch of it with a paintbrush. Its' original purpose was as a car showroom, but I think it always wanted to be a movement studio. The light that enters through the semi-circle of large windows that surround us can be magical and mesmerizing — creating it's own dance of reflection and illumination.

On the outside of our building is a slogan: "Be Fit, Healthy and Happy."

"Fit" is not just about fitness and spandex. But about  making healthy choices in your movement and lifestyle, that support your being strong, flexible, mobile, agile and secure.

"Healthy" is our birthright, and it is in your own hands. You choosing to prioritize your own health and to be the captain of your ship on your own ocean of well-being and wellness.

"Happy" is both a state of mind and a sensation of body. It is a choice we make when we stop and pause and feel this one moment. To recognize that we are doing our best and are exactly where we need to be. Surrounded by friends, family and a community to support us and smile with along the way.

Whether you practice with us daily, weekly or whenever you can (which should never be over-looked) — I am so happy you are here at Move2Joy, with all of us.

-- Rosanne Russell, Owner, Move2Joy Studio

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